Celebrating Sinhala and Tamil New Year Together in Toronto

Canadian Democratic Tamil Cultural Association was formed recently by some members of the Tamil community in Toronto in order to promote democracy and pluralism among the Tamils in Ontario, and to foster friendship and understanding with other Sri Lankan communities and the Canadian mainstream. Thereby the Association aims to contribute towards finding a negotiated political settlement that would bring a lasting and peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sri Lanka. One of the ways in which CDTCA tries to achieve its objectives is to organize community and cultural events to bring all Sri Lankans together in a spirit of harmony and goodwill.

CDTCA held its first major event on Sunday 13 April 2008 at the Agincourt Collegiate Auditorium in Scarborough. It was a cultural programme to celebrate the Sinhala Tamil New Year. The programme was dubbed “Celebrating Sri Lankan People’s Solidarity” and it was well attended by Sri Lankans of all backgrounds. The program featured Kandyan Dance and Bharatha Natyam, and both Sinhala and Tamil music. “Shiners” and “Breeze,” two leading Sri Lankan bands based in Toronto provided top musical entertainment to a large gathering comprising of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays and Burghers and other Canadians. The event was organized solely by the CDTCA, and no other agencies or organizations had any part in it whatsoever. CDTCA raised the necessary funds by selling tickets, and through donations provided by its members and supporters in the Sri Lankan communities in Toronto. Volunteers from these communities worked tirelessly over the past several months in solidarity to make the event happen.

In his address, Chief Guest, Hon. Bas Balkissoon, Member of Ontario Parliament, praised the CDTCA for building solidarity among all Sri Lankans as a step toward a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Sri Lanka. Toronto City Councillor Mr. Chin Lee, an honoured guest, also addressed the gathering.


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2 Responses to “Celebrating Sinhala and Tamil New Year Together in Toronto”

  1. kanthan Says:

    It is not a nice thing to claim credit for what the CDTCA did on their own. Shame! Shame!

  2. -බිன்ku- Says:

    kANTHAN, what?

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